Board and Management

Tony Bellas bw

Tony Bellas

Chairman of ERM Power, NOVONIX Limited, Corporate Travel Management, Shine, former CEO of Ergon Energy and CS Energy)

Ian Paton

Ian Paton
Non-executive Technical Director

Petroleum geophysicist and engineer, instrumental in many oil and gas discoveries, former Exploration and Development Manager for SANTOS, senior technical and management roles in exploration and development with Conoco, Coogee Resources, New Standard Energy

Greg Baynton bw

Greg Baynton
Executive Director

Director of NOVONIX Limited, SUPERLOOP Limited and Orbit Capital

Rob Towner

Rob Towner
Non-executive Director

Managing Director of Triangle Energy (Global) Limited, non-executive director of Botanix Pharmaceuticals Limited

Suzanne Yeates bw

Suzanne Yeates
Company Secretary and CFO

Chartered Accountant working with clients for over 20 years as CFO and Company Secretary for public and private companies